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Ellipse cosmetic skin clinic in Jersey, have a small team of passionate, highly trained therapists who are specialists in their chosen fields of beauty and cosmetic skin care, along with top of the range equipment, the Venus Swan and Ellipse Superlight
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IPL Hair Removal

Put an end to slow, messy and painful methods of hair removal; shaving, waxing, tweezing and hair removal creams have been replaced by hair removal in a flash. Ellipse uses short, safe bursts of light from a flash lamp to remove unwanted hair from all body sites.

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Peptides are a buzzword in anti-ageing skin care for their performance and appropriate application for all skin types, even sensitive skin. They offer an effective and stable alternative to retinol treatments, where sensitive skin can be reactive.

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Non-surgical Facelift

Venus swan can be used as either an anti-ageing facial to decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and to tighten the skin, or as a body treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite, tighten the skin, making it appear slimmer. It’s great for all those problem areas.

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About Us

Ellipse Cosmetic skin clinic was established in Jersey in 2011 with the aim of providing high end luxury treatments that really work.

We have a small team of passionate, highly trained therapists who are specialists in their chosen fields of beauty and cosmetic skin care, along with top of the range equipment, the Venus Swan and Ellipse Superlight +.

The Venus Swan has set new standards in the Aesthetic world with its revolutionising anti-ageing skin tightening, cellulite reduction machine, that creates instantly visible results. The radio frequency and magnetic pulse technology of Venus Swan enables a wide range of non-invasive treatments that are realistic alternatives to cosmetic surgery.

We specialise in the following:

The non-surgical facelift which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as tightens and lifts the skin, especially of the neck and jaw.

Circumferential reduction which will leave you with noticeable inch loss on the body. The most popular areas treated include the stomach, arms and thighs.

Body architecture allows you to sculpt those problem areas that the gym just can’t touch, helping to eliminate cellulite and giving you the body you always wanted.

Permanent hair removal

Our Ellipse Superlight+ is the market leading hair reduction machine that can remove unwanted hair for good. Used by leading medical professionals and beauticians alike, Ellipse systems are known for their long lasting results, and respected for their scientifically documented safety and performance. Hair reduction results can be seen in 4-8 treatments for women, and 8-10 treatments for men. Not only that, but the Ellipse Superlight + also offers treatments in skin rejuvenation, sun spot removal, acne clearance and facial thread vein removal! Leaving you with a flawless complexion.

Enough with the science, now for the Beauty

Ellipse offers state of the art solarium tanning with top of the range, German lay-downErgoline beds and stand-up sun beds by Tecnosole K-Sun.

Ellipse is pleased to be able to offer our scientifically advanced skin care brand, HydroPeptide and our nail care system Jessica.

We spent months researching the best brands that we could present to our customers and we think we found them.

HydroPeptide has revolutionised skin care by harnessing the power of peptides (short chains of amino acids) to make your skin act and look in a more youthful way. It instantly brightens the skin, making it more luminous and evening out skin tone while instilling its anti-ageing properties that eliminate fine lines and wrinkles as well as combating sun damage, blocked pores and uneven skin texture. You can notice the difference in just one facial, but if you are looking for long term skin care results why not book a course and benefit from our great discount? We also stock the full range of HydroPeptide products, so if your ongoing results that truly transform your skin, you can now take them  home.

Jessica is a fabulous nail care brand that not only delivers flawless results but also treats a wide range of nail conditions, so your natural nails get better while your nail colour look gorgeous.

From weak and peeling to damaged and brittle, there’s a home care product for every nail type, as well as a sumptuous range of hand, heel and cuticle creams that will leave your skin feeling nourished and looking fab.

You can also get longer lasting results with Jessica GELeration! Our gel nail colours help to protect the nails, while giving you colour that lasts 3-4 weeks! Perfect for your holidays, or just for when you need instantly dry polish.


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Meet the Team

Diana Fletcher

Salon Manager

Diana is Ellipse’s IPL and Venus Concept specialist. She trained at Ellipse IPL and laser training centre London and focuses on permanent hair reduction, skin rejuvenation and thread vein removal through light therapy, as well as non-surgical facelift, circumferential reduction and body architecture.